Song of the Day: “Roll With It”~ Easton Corbin

Regardless of the arbitrary patches of clouds and rain that have spread their way out across the mid-western sky, this is the first time in months that our little suburb has experienced a full week of uninterrupted warm weather. The skies have been blue, the grass has been green, and the temperatures have ranged from a balmy seventy to a near-scalding ninety degrees. All signs of the insane winter we had the unfortunate pleasure of acquainting ourselves with has disappeared. I’m afraid to prematurely celebrate in case I accidently jinx this incredible weather away. Nevertheless, I’ve been acting as though its summer, breaking out the sundresses and enjoying my car rides to school with the windows down. The best thing about this weather is that it allows me to pull out my favorite playlist, the one filled with songs about beaches and bonfires, ice-cold drinks and young love. There is something about a mix of summer weather and music that derives an indefinable happiness, one that is seemingly fleeting as the season quickly slips by without anyway of pausing it, if only for a few more bittersweet moments. My playlist is, of course, filled with country songs, both up-tempo and ballads. I have a myriad of favorites, but one particular song stands out the most.

The first time I heard the opening notes of “Roll With It” flood through the speakers of my radio, my initial perception was that the tune was another George Strait classic, an assumption later solidified when the singer began his story of taking his lover on a ride escaping life’s stresses with a tone similar, if not exactly, like the King of Country, himself. I later discovered that the vocals belonged to a man named Easton Corbin, an up-and-coming artist who had had major success with his first single, “A Little More Country Than That” and was following that good fortune up with a catchy and attention-grabbing second hit.

I love everything about “Roll With It”. The song brings a refreshing wave of traditional twang into a mainstream that boasts predominantly bombastic, drum-based hits (like I’ve said before, I’m completely open to this new era of country sound, but a blast from the past once in a while is not in the least bit detrimental). The song is laidback from start to finish, drawing the listener in with its catchy hook and reposing melody. Corbin’s performance is spot-on, genuinely convincing his love interest (and all female listeners, myself included) to kick back and take an escape from reality for a little while.

This song has been a staple on my summer playlist since its arrival to radio in 2010. It is one of the first stories I play when the weather warms up, coaxing me to quickly grab the keys to my car and take off down the backroads with an indefinite destination; today was no exception. So with flip-flops on my feet, sunglasses in my hair, and some lazy country tunes prepped for endless journeys sitting comfortably in my CD player, I am happily reminded that Summer 2013 has indeed begun.


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